Leading Organizational Change that Demands Personal Transition

Leadership Training and Professional Management Workshops

Class Length: 1/2 or Full Day


Leadership /Management is a big responsibility, especially during a time of organizational change. Are you prepared or equipped to deal with the challenges and complexities of leading transformation within your organization? Statistics indicate over 70% of change initiatives fail. Though many leaders are equipped to deal with the mechanics of change they fail to manage the human dynamics it provokes. Fumbles are costly and can be embarrassing. Strategic preparation can help leaders avoid clumsy mistakes that lead to little or no sustainable change.

These two programs help leaders get on track and stay there. The shorter session focuses on building a foundation around the nature of the change and the elements that promote success or lead to disaster. Participants learn the value of preparing for change and getting their teams ready for the challenges and opportunities it brings. The longer session leverages the knowledge gained in the short session and puts it to use. Using a practical and tactical approach, participants walk away with an action plan to start managing change in the phase they’re in and have a master plan the keeps them grounded through the entire process.

Lesson Objectives:

1/2 Day Session:
Recognize Change Vs. Transition
  • Learn the difference between change and transition including the characteristics, skills and employee responses related to each
  • Inventory the change and transition events in your organization
  • Determine which change events require personal transition
  • Create Change Readiness
  • Identify the four-henchmen of change that threaten its sustainability
  • Recognize organizational and personal patterns that help and hinder progress
  • Develop a Common Framework for Change/Transition
  • Understand the universal laws of change and change/transition
  • Identify the four phases of universal change/transition
  • Develop foundation management techniques to manage through each phase

Full Day Session: All the above plus:
  • Prepare and Inspire Your Team
  • Assess where you and your team are within the change/transition process
  • Determine your teams readiness and openness to change
  • Develop your philosophy, guiding principles and commitment to lead charge
  • Build the Blueprint for Change and Transition
  • Identify the mechanics and human dynamics of planning change
  • Learn the basics for designing a two-way communication plan
  • Sketch a Master plan for all the phases of change/transition
  • Establish an action plan for the phase you're in
Audience: Mid-Management and Above

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