Living From the Inside Out

"Living From the Inside Out" Self Assessment Workshops

Class Length:1/2 or Full Day

Acting with intention and purpose starts with understanding what defines us at work and at home. Before we can do that we must invest in ourselves and discover our unique characteristics, defining skills and personal definition. Only then can we act with more attention to the things that bring us meaning and fulfillment in our lives. This session invites participants are guided through several different exercises that help them define their values, motivators and limitations. Participants will walk away with a personal mission statement and lifeline of success that builds a foundation of personal success and professional integrity.

Course Outline:
  1. What does it Mean?
    Principles of Living From the Inside Out
  2. Defining Your "Self"
    Living your Values & Principles
    Roles that Count
  3. A Lifeline of Success & Hurdles
    Foolproof Strengths & Talents Ties that Bind: Discovering limitations and roadblocks
  4. "New Beginning" Road Map
    Points of Interest
    General Directions
Audience: Anyone in the process of developing their personal or professional identify.

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