Are we Gappin'? Communication and Management of Intergenerational Workforces

Workplace Demographics and Generational Dynamics Workshops

Class Length:1/2 or Full Day

Getting the most out of each employee requires an understanding of the unique characteristics and preferences of each generation on the team. Learn about historical impacts that shaped each generation and how it impacts the way they are motivated and managed. Then discover how to interact and inspire Gen Y, X, Boomers and Veterans so you can attract and retain the best talent out there.

Course Outline

Impact @ Work
  • Workplace Demographics
  • Workplace Implications
Generational Pride and Identity
  • Defining Gen Y's, X'r, Boomers & Veterans
  • Historical impacts shaping each Generation
  • Unique Characteristics of each Generation
Communication Preferences
  • Universal Communication Principles
    • Business Mechanics
    • Human dynamics
  • General Preferences for Interpersonal Communication
Management Preferences
  • Universal Principles
  • Conditions for success
  • Management Behaviors for Each Generation
Audience: All Generations, All Employee levels

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