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Helped Me Focus on the Positive

The benefits of Duo Coaching™ are immeasurable. You basically get 2 coaches for 1/3 the cost. I check in with my peer coach frequently and this allows both of us a "sounding board" for advice, feedback, and a check-point to make sure that we are headed in the right direction. Sharing the same goals and objectives has also helped me focus on the positive and drive performance.

I Feel Ready

I feel ready to take over where my Duo partner leaves off. He's told me he can move on without a care in the world. Neither of us could have gotten to this spot without Duo Coaching™.

It's Like Having a Coach in the Room

The Duo Coaching™ has been invaluable in that I have a partner with whom to discuss the skills we are learning and how they apply to specific situations. It's like having a coach in the room without anyone knowing. It's great to have someone to go to (on the phone or in person) to discuss a situation and get good honest feedback. Duo Coaching™ has also taught me a lot about observing others and providing feedback. I really value Duo as it's so multi-faceted.

Learning in the Moment

My Duo partner has become my greatest advocate and business advisor throughout my entire career. I do the same for her. Learning in the moment, being able to give tough yet powerful feedback and having a Coach that makes every minute of our coaching session count, is the best investment my company could make.

Organizational Insight and Knowledge

With Duo Coaching™, a colleague becomes a true coach and mentor when they otherwise wouldn't have the knowledge or structure in which to participate. The coach lends invaluable facilitative structure and support; but the colleague imparts organizational insight and knowledge. Together they allow for an understanding and navigation of politics and relationships that is quite distinctive. With Duo Coaching™, mutual vulnerability and commitment to each others' development is grounded in service to the organization. It builds individual leaders, collective leadership, and the business.