Duo Coaching™

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Duo Coaching™

Duo Coaching™ - Distinctive Coaching for Exponential Results

Duo Coaching™ is a powerful model for leadership development that harnesses the natural energy generated when two clients are systematically coached by a single Coach. Using a unique methodology that combines teaching and facilitation with master coaching, Duo Coaching™ offers clients exponential growth in a six-month coaching engagement. Duo Coaching™ also provides clients with a quality of real-time support, feedback loops, action-based learning, and accountability that are not always present in more traditional coaching models. These unique features, combined with significant cost efficiencies, make Duo Coaching™ a practical and compelling way for organizations to build leadership strength and vitality.

The Duo Coaching™ Process

The Duo Coaching™ process consists of three critical phases. First is the Foundation Building phase, which includes a customized application and matching processes, followed by a Duo Assessment™ process that results in matching of two suitable clients with a master coach. A Duo Action Plan™ (DAP) is then produced that targets up to three shared competencies and one individual competency that the partners will focus on. The DAP then launches the partners into the second phase of the program called Duo Action Coaching™. Here a monthly cycle of coaching includes two Duo Coaching™ sessions where clients are coached together, one private 1:1 coaching session for each client, and a joint client session where clients meet without their coach. During this phase, specific skills and practices are taught to build relationship competencies and leadership presence that are critical for building trust and effectiveness between the partners and beyond. The final Accomplishment Closing™ phase of the program involves a detailed Self and Duo Assessment™, creation of a Self-Directed Leadership Plan, and a Success Ceremony™ where clients invite others to help them celebrate their current and ongoing success. Throughout each phase of the Duo Coaching™ program, custom-built and impact-proven tools and teachings are used to ensure that skills and confidence are being built that are sustainable long after the coaching engagement is completed.

Duo Coaching™ Differs from Other Coaching Models
Duo Coaching™ is distinctly different from traditional models of coaching, including 1:1 coaching and joint coaching. It is not simply using traditional coaching methods with two people at one time. Duo Coaches are trained and certified in the specific Duo Coaching™ methodology that leverages the principles and practices of the ontological sciences, adult learning theory, behavior modification and neurobiology. It combines tools, teachings and coaching practices in a specific and structured way that achieves sustainable results within six months. The Duo Coaching™ system is the only one of its kind and holds certified Duo Coaches™ to high standards of skills and experience that ensure clients get the most out of their coaching experience.

Immediate Individual and Organizational Benefits of Duo Coaching™:

  • Cost effective (up to 35% savings as compared to 1:1 coaching)
  • More people get coached in less time
  • Exponential impact on individual and organizational performance (two birds, one stone)
  • Naturally builds skills that promote Connection, Loyalty and Commitment
  • Partners get immediate support and reinforcement around new skills
  • Builds affinity and greater sense of team
  • Deepens trust and commitment to other leaders
  • Facilitates communication
  • Imparts developmental information that might not otherwise get shared
  • Links people on projects and promotes synergies
  • Deepens understanding of organizational politics and systems
  • Helps peers broaden perspective on people, issues, and opportunities

Duo Coaching™Unique Conditions Conducive of Duo Coaching:
Duo Coaching™ is designed around a mutually shared organizational purpose that both partners are committed to serve. Additionally, through the Foundation phase of the program, mutual competencies are identified that both the partners and organization declare are critical for success of the leaders involved. Partners are matched for compatible skill levels, style characteristics, and motivation around the targeted purpose. Partners also have the flexibility and proximity of location to be coached face-to-face for the majority of their coaching engagement. Successful Duo partners recognize and value the continual and real-time feedback, support, and accountability they get from Duo Coaching™, while enjoying the traditional benefits of learning, discovery, and assessments that are inherent in traditional 1:1 coaching models.
Other benefits of Duo Coaching™ include:

  • Partners enjoy immediate practice and reinforcement of learning
  • Partners appreciate shorter coaching engagements
  • Partners benefit from a higher level of accountability
  • Partners grow from consistent "real-time" feedback
  • Partner teams learn and expand understanding from closer connection between their leaders
  • Partners naturally master interpersonal relationship competencies and improve relationships

Workplace Initiatives Supported by Duo Coaching™

  • Leadership Development where larger groups with shared competencies are being developed
  • Culture change targeting relationships, partnerships, and collaboration is a goal of the organization
  • Silo-busting and cross-team/department integration is critical for success
  • Major organizational initiatives co-lead or require support by two or more leaders
  • Succession planning is required in a short timeframe
  • Organizational restructuring (due to internal reorganization or acquisitions)
  • Conflict and relationship repair where Partners' functions require cooperation and coordination
  • Integration of intergenerational and male/female leadership styles are essential

Duo Coaching™Unique Conditions Conducive of 1:1 Coaching:
One-to-one coaching is designed for intensive individual work that often requires an exclusive engagement with a coach. It may also be considered a reward or benefit to participants. This traditional purpose and style of coaching is responsive to leaders who, by preference or necessity require privacy, have inflexible work schedules, and prefer self-directed learning experience where proximity does not require face-to-face contact. Additionally, 1:1 coaching is useful when a longer coaching engagement is needed or preferred, either because of scheduling demands or because of a wide scope of developmental areas being addressed.