Training and Public Speaking

Resources for Executive Training and Employee Development Based in Seattle Washington

High energy and interactive motivational speeches and lectures for Executive Training and Employee Development. These speeches have been delivered to small and large audiences at national, regional and local events. Workshops and presentations are customized to meet the industry issues and real-life concerns facing the audience. People walk away more excited and better prepared to deal with the topic presented. Below are a sample list of topics and presentations:

Public Speaking Topics

  • Leadership Coaching
  • Organizational Change
  • Personal Transition
  • Intergenerational dynamics
  • Gender at Work
  • Personal Empowerment

Organizational Change Presentations

"Thrive or Survive, Making Change Work for You"
Personalizing change is the only way companies can make lasting and effective change. Helping associates make the personal transition that an organizational change requires is how leaders get others to do business differently. Learn about the dynamics of change and transition and discover how to guide associates to personal and organizational success.

"It's All About Me"
A humorous, yet poignant look at why we resist organizational change and what it takes to get us change-ready. Learn about the phases of transition, orientations to change and how you can help others master their change experience.

Diversity in the Workplace Presentations

"Myths About Diversity: Fact or Fiction?"
Misperceptions and stereotypes underlying the myths about working women are tackled head-on with facts and figures. Best practices and other proven solutions illustrate the value and performance of a myth-free company.

"Female-Friendly Companies Maximize Returns"
Hear the compelling case of women as employees and consumer strategists and learn what it takes to create an organizational environment that attracts and keeps female professionals while capitalizing on their savvy and success.

"He Said, She Said"
Understanding the basic differences in communication styles between men and women provides insight on how to leverage the strengths of both genders. Learn how we approach another and interpret what's said. Most importantly find out how to communicate most effectively with everyone at work.

Career Development Presentations

"Package a You They Can't Refuse"
Having trouble selling yourself? Distinguishing yourself from the competition is the only way you'll land the job! Creating the "package" that convinces an employer that you're the perfect applicant requires strategy and technique. Learn how to develop a personal marketing campaign, inventory your unique selling points and create a sales pitch that sells the You they can't refuse!

"Getting the Job You Really Want"
Discovering a fulfilling career path and landing a position that puts you on track takes tactical planning and determined focus. Learn how to define the job that's best for you, create a customized job-search action plan and develop techniques to get you noticed.

Personal Transitions Presentations

"Making it Through Major Life Change"
Though personal change can be exciting, it often leaves us feeling overwhelmed, confused and paralyzed. Understanding that chaos is actually part of a predictable sequence can help you regain the control and confidence. Learn about the four phases of transition and management techniques for each. Discover your pattern of transition and how to get the most from the experience.

"Living From the Inside Out"
Only by understanding our values, motivators and limitations can we make choices that guide us to personal fulfillment and satisfaction. Acting with intention and purpose starts with understanding what defines us. Develop an inventory of values; a mission statement and lifeline that builds a personal foundation that will withstand all of life's challenges.

Our Workshops

We offer two-hour, four-hour and full day workshops focused on organizational and personal transition as well as skill based session on personal and professional development (see sample of workshops below). All sessions are customized to meet the unique needs of participants.