Change Support for the Front-Line

Organizational Change and Administrative Change Workshops

Class Length: Two or Four-hour session

Whether it is a change in administration, a major organizational restructuring or downsizing due to budget cuts, such major transition impacts everyone. During these times it is often the rank and file associates who are most overlooked. Ironically, these associates are the people who must continue delivering service, regardless of who is running the show. Providing a framework to help them manage change and keeping them informed of what is going on are the two most cost effective ways of avoiding disaster. A simple education program on change combined with a solid communication plan is essential for minimizing chaos and maintaining administrative integrity.

Participants learn about the universal four phases of change and transition and how to practically manage through them. They ultimately walk away with a sense of control and confidence needed to perform in changing times.

Lesson Objectives:

Understand the experiential and emotional reaction to major change
  • Identify your personal orientation to change
  • Learn about the four universal phases of change and transition
Take charge of change and your reaction to it
  • Identify how your organizational changes impact you at work
  • Develop a practical and tactical way to manage the changes that are happening to you
  • Assess where you are in the transition process
  • Understand why respond to change the way you do
Contribute to your own and your agency's change success
  • Recognize when and how to ask for support
  • Learn how to communicate with integrity
  • Develop ways to support others progress

Audience: Front-line and hourly employees

Transition Dynamics is based in Seattle Washington. We serve clients throughout Washington (like Tacoma, Spokane and Olympia) and throughout the United States.