Package a You They Can't Refuse

Self Presentation and Job Search Skills Workshops

Class Length: Full Day

Changing jobs due to RIF, promotion or personal choice? Candidates that present themselves in a unique way distinguish themselves from the competition and increase their probability of getting the job. Creating and presenting a compelling "Package" of unique traits and experience requires sincere self-examination and presentation technique. In this session, participants define their professional style, personal characteristics and internal roadblocks that limit their ability to showcase their talents. Then they are taught fun and effective techniques to present themselves in a memorable way. Participants walk away with a practical plan and strategy to get the job they really want.

Lesson Objectives:
Define your professional attributes, talents and skills
  • Assess and inventory your capacity: strengths, weaknesses, experiences and skills
  • Define who sits on your "Board of Directors" and discover which members help or hinder your ability to sell yourself
Develop communication strategies to present yourself effectively
  • Develop a mental model of successes and personal attributes that is easy to retrieve in an interview
  • Create a lifeline of identified experiences that define your positive contributions and job linked accomplishments
  • Establish a job support network to develop and utilize throughout the job search process
Create a strategy and tactical plan to secure a job of your choice
  • Learn the elements and dynamics of personal marketing
  • Create a personal marketing campaign for job searching, interviewing and promotion
  • Practice giving a 1-3-5 minute personal pitch.
Audience: Professional & non-professional associates impacted by job change

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