Professional Assessments from Transition Dynamic’s qualified Business Coaches. Based in Seattle, Washington, serving clients nationwide.

Transition Dynamics ™ Coaches often work with and/or help customize assessments and tools used by the client organization. Consultation is available for design, application and use of the assessments based on the purpose and budget specified by the client.

TD Coaches are also certified and licensed to administer two specific and powerful assessment tools used for personal and professional development:
  • Pulse*Points™ Leadership Profile is a diagnostic tool that measures the behaviors and "intrinsic" needs, wants and expectations of a given employee at work. A distinctive feature is the tool's measurement of an employee's "normal" and "survival" mode which is especially important in today's challenging world. Clients describe the profile as simple, yet powerful for understanding "what makes people tick." To learn more about the tool visit their website-

  • Conflict Dynamics Profile™ is an assessment tool that deals with conflict behaviors in the workplace by improving self-awareness of what triggers conflict in individuals as well as how they respond to conflict. Based on these triggers and responses, this tool provides practical ways to leverage behaviors that help resolve conflict at work. To learn more about the tool visit their website-