Presentations: Knock Out Presentations

Presentation Techniques and Improving Presentation Skills Workshops

Class Length: 1 to 2 days

Overcoming the fear of presentation requires knowledge, skill and desire. Today's professional usually benefits from having support and assistance with each. Learn fundamental adult learning principles and the design techniques for developing powerful presentations. Discover how to improve the impact of your own style and get great tips on gaining confidence and skills for delivering with impact.

Course Outline:

Introduction To Presentations
  • History
  • Human Response
  • Possibilities and Benefits
Presentation Basics
  • Types and Purposes of Presentations
  • Art & Science of Adult Learning
3 D's of Creation
  • Delivery
  • Personal Style & Management
  • Mechanics
  • Audience Management
  • Design
  • Pre-session Preparation & Audience Assessment
  • Development
  • Curriculum Basics
  • Presentation Methodologies
Miscellaneous Tips & Techniques
  • Do's and Don'ts
  • Trainer Tips and Techniques
Audience: Any level of professional in any position

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