Transition with Triumph! Making Sense of Life's Major Changes

Transitions, Personal Change and Professional Change Workshops

Class Length: 1/2 or Full Day

Facing a major life transition? Major life changes often require us to reorient our perspective and rebuild relationships. Though such transitions can be exciting, they can also leave us feeling overwhelmed, confused and paralyzed. When managed effectively, you're better positioned to reach your potential and regain control of your personal and professional life. Learn about the four phases of transition and assess where you are in the process. Knowing you're not alone and that there is a natural sequence to follow is emotionally and practically empowering!

Lesson Objectives:
  • Develop a language and framework for understanding personal transition
  • Determine healthy responses to the phases of transition
  • Identify next steps for managing where you are and how to move forward
Course Outline:
  1. Understanding of four phases of transition
  2. Assessment of which transition phase the participant is experiencing
  3. Identification of personal obstacles and roadblocks
  4. General management techniques for each transition phase
  5. General Action Planning steps and techniques for each phase of transition
  6. Specific Action Planning for current phase
Audience: Anyone experiencing a major change in life or work events

Transition Dynamics is based in Seattle Washington. We serve clients throughout Washington (like Tacoma, Spokane and Olympia) and throughout the United States.