Transition with Triumph, Making the Most of Job Shifting

Job Change and Job Shifting Workshops

Class Length: Full Day Session

Professional transitions can often be accompanied by a series of external changes that can affect work, relationships and lifestyles. Regardless of the excitement some job changes bring, they are often accompanied by loss of direction, inability to make decisions and resistance to do a strategic job search. Ironically, though we frequently plan for career development, we rarely plan how to maneuver through job loss or change. Learn the skills and techniques necessary to regain control and plan your own customized blueprint for successfully managing through the job loss or change experience.

Lesson Objectives:
Understand the four phases of job shifting
  • Learn about the process of job transition and universal truths it involves
  • Map the actions and emotions that experienced during a job shift
  • Establish a personal code of honor to guide you through the job shift process
Identity where you are in the job shift process
  • Assess the status of your job shifting experience
  • Discover the 'shadows' that work to slow your progress
Learn techniques to maneuver through the maze
  • Learn how to let go of old rules and truths that no longer apply
  • Define which elements of your professional identity are still in tact
  • Create your new career focus and vision
  • Develop a check list of personal activities for each phase your job shift
Map a strategy to get the job you want
  • Apply the principles of job networking
  • Creating s support system to see you through the job shift process
  • Develop an result-oriented collateral package to present your assets
  • Develop a 30 day action plan based on where you are in the process
  • Contract for personal engagement throughout your entire job shift
Audience: Professional and non-professional associates impacted by job change.

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